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Welcome to our TIPS ON LIFE Page.

This page is simply to serve those with minor problems in keeping their fishes alive and those with doubt about some things that they were told.

Basic Fish Keeping

Simple Steps to Keep Your Aquarium Fish Healthy and Vibrant

It is not difficult to keep aquarium fish healthy and colourful. There are several basic requirements to follow to ensure the best care for your pet fish. You only need to spend a few minutes a day to keep your fish happy and give yourself the satisfaction of having a tank full of healthy fishes and beautiful plants.

Did You Know?

Whenever new fishes are added into a fish tank, they are subjected to shock which can kill them. The shock from the temperature changes and chemical differences in water chemistry between where they were last kept and the new environment. Slight variations can be tolerated but each species has different degrees of tolerance. Even the same species have different tolerance levels. The basic solution is to limit or lessen as much of the shock as possible.

Basic Fish Keeping

Some misconceptions are also answered here.

All tips are from my own personal experiences and in no way do I claim that my solutions are the one and only way to solve your problems. Everyone, and even individual aquarium shops and fish farms will have their own solutions. Some solutions are ancient but still workable while others may be completely without any scientific basis whatsoever. Wherever possible, I try to give whatever scientific explanation so that you can understand better.

Tips on Fish Keeping

All our original formulae are scientifically tested in our laboratory before releasing to market

Please feel free to e-mail us for any problems you may have regarding aquarium fish diseases. We will attend to all your e-mail inquiries.