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Hongtai Aquarium Water Conditioners

Hong Tai Aquarium Products PTE LTD

The Best Formulated Aquarium Remedies for Hobbyists and Professionals

We have firmly established our leading position as the manufacturer and marketeer in this field.

More than 60 years in the business, we really know our fish business

With over six decades of experience in the fish industry, our expertise is unparalleled. 

One of the more popular brands in India and exported worldwide

One of the more popular brands in India and exported worldwide, we have built a reputation for excellence that transcends borders.


Our Award Winning Products



- White Spot (Ichthyophthirus Multifiliis), Ich Parasites and other and other protozoal infections
- Sterilise your Aquarium (Your Aquarium will be in blue for about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on lighting)
- Sterilise badly infected fish. 4) Lower Dosage for Tetra Speices, Mormyrids, loaches and baby fishes.

Dosage/Bottle: 120ml / 600L



Removes Heavy Metals Lead, Copper, Zinc, Arsenic. Mercury and Cyanide

Dosage/Bottle: 120ml / 600L



- Ich (White Spot), mouth and body Fungi, fin and Tail Rot
- Goldfish Disease like Red Spot; Bleeding Veins and fins, constipation, bladder problems and lack of appetite
- General Tonic and prevention of disease, particularly for baby fishes.

Dosage/Bottle: 120ml / 600L


Aquarium Water Conditioner Products

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Our Award Winning Products

Making a prompt and accurate diagnosis is vital for successful treatment and long-term prevention of fish diseases problems. The correct usage and selection of the right remedies are also as important. It is therefore advisable to INSIST on the use of the “RID-ALL” range of products which are extensively tested before they come on the market. When using any medication, please be careful of the side effects or contra-indications on the fish which are very unpredictable, especially in different water conditions.

Insist on Originals

Rid-All Aquarium Water Conditioner Products

It may be difficult to differentiate the imitations with the untrained eyes but we are in the process of updating the product packaging with subtle changes for every batch we ship. As from shipment from 2024, all shipments will be using bottles with the URL on the top of the bottles. The URL will direct you to this website or to “”.


Labels will have the importer batch number.

Labels will have the importer batch number. Another way to ensure that you get the shipment from our main distributor in your country. Our present shipment for our distributor

Beware of Imitations, Externally Alike but is Completely Different

Our Products does not use the Hologram stickers. If you do find them do tell us the name of the Aquarium or the person selling these imitations.

Our Distributor in India

For other countries, please enquire


Address: 132/1/2, VIDYA SAGAR SARANI,
Contact No: 8910321073
Whatsapp: 9836273367

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Available by July 2024

All our products are scientifically tested in our laboratory before releasing to selected fish farms for final evaluation.