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Keep a sharp lookout for abnormal behavior among fishes during the first feed in the morning.

(1)  Look around the tank or pond for dead fish.  If they are found check for the cause of death:

  • Cannibalism among fishes — remove either the bigger bully; or the smallest and slowest moving fish (possibly due to sickness).  Use RID-ALL GENERAL AID to prevent further damages.
  • Attacked by birds or rodents — If this really is the cause the only way to remedy  the situation is to cover the pond or tank with strong nylon nets.

(2)   During feeding, the fish all rush for food.  Look out for:

  • Those staying away by themselves at the bottom of the tank or pond – this is an early sign of Ich or flukes.  Use RID-ALL ANTI-ICH if more 30% of the fish are in this condition.
  • Those not coming up immediately to eat — “float “ at angle in water but swim slowly to food — possibly gill  or skin flukes or  likely to have intestinal problems or constipation if no visible external injuries and abnormalities are seen.  Use RID-ALL GENERAL AID.  Double the dosage for fish bigger than  5 inches.
  • Those not taking  food — stay at side of pond or aquarium or the surface of water — rub against side of tanks, rocks or plants —  likely skin flukes or Ich or other parasite infections.  Use RID-ALL ANTI-ICH or Copper Aid.

(3)  Check for fishes that are externally off-color and different from the most healthy specimens.

  • If fish have whitish coat with darkened skin or are hyperaemic — likely to be Costia or Trichodina infections. Use RID-ALL ANTI-ICH or RID-ALL COPPER AID OR BOTH
  • If fish have a red-velvet colour( some in rusty golden colour) spreading on their skin — most likely Oodinium.  USE RID-ALL COPPER AID
  • Most fish are flashing — sign of Gill Flukes or Ich, but also all Unicellular and Complex Parasites infections.  Use RID-ALL ANTI-ICH alternate with COPPER AID.
  • Fish with broken fins and tail — beware of tail and fin rots — an infectious bacterial diseases. Use RID-ALL ANTI-FUNGUS IMMEDIATELY.

(4)  If you noticed that the fishes are not as active and lively as on other days, but they all seem to be normal in

   general appearance.  Then something may be wrong with the quality of aquarium water. Check temperature,

   pH, hardness, ammonia, and nitrite contents.  Whatever the test results, it is always better to change at least

   25% of water in case some toxic substances have entered the aquarium from unknown origin (insecticide

   spray, cat’s and dog’s urine, etc.).  USE RID-ALL ANTI-CHORINE AND GENERAL AID immediately after the change of water.

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