A proven Algaecide/Herbicide for use in lakes, portable water reservoirsfarms, fish and industrial ponds fish hatcheries (such as koi and goldfishfarm) and raceways crop and non-crop irrigation conveyance systems ditches,canals & laterals.

RID-ALL ALGAECIDE under field condition, as in Koi or Goldfish ponds, iseffective in controlling a broad range of algae including: Chara, Spirogyra,Cladophora, Vaucheria, Ulothrix, microxystis, and Oscillatoria. It has alsobeen proven effective in controlling the rooted aquatic plant, Hydrillavercillata.

  • For controlling certain range of algae such as Chara Nitella and aquaticplant, Hydrilla vercillata all fish must be removed and use the higher dosageof 5 ml. to 50 U.S. gall. (190 litres). For effective control, proper chemicalconcentration should be maintained for a minimum of three hours contacttime. Where significant dilution or loss of water from unregulated inflowsor outflows occur (raceways) within a three hour period, additional dosesof chemical may have to be metered in.
  • For the control of planktonic (suspended) and Filmentous (mat-forming)types of algae, use 5 ml. to 100 U.S. gall (378 litres), if fish canbe removed. Drain, flush and refill water after treatment which maylast from 2 days to one week.
  • If fish cannot be removed use 5 ml. to 250 U.S. gall. (945 litres)and change of water is not necessary. If fish (some species) show signsof discomfort then replace about one third of water.
Contain 1.69% of elemental copper in Triethanolamine complexes.
  • One U.S. gallon=3.79 litres
  • One Imperial gallon=4.55 litres.