Is a famous standard preparation used as a cure and more as a general preventionof most fish diseases commonly faced by the aquarium trade.
It is widely used in fish farms and hatcheries all over the world; and byexporters of aquarium fishes to cut down mortality rates during transit.
Unlike most Acriflavine based products "RID-ALL" General Aid willnot cause the lethal egg binding in most aquarium fish.

For ich, mouth and body fungi, fin and tail rot, torn fins, and sore spots:add 5 ml. with one teaspoonful of salt to 5 litres of aquarium water.
Repeat after 2 days if no improvement, using 10 ml.
For most GOLD FISH diseases such as red spots and bleeding veins on hns,constipation, bladder problems, lack of appetite, use 5 ml to 10 litresof water plus one teaspoonful of salt.
As a general Tonic and when adding new fishes, or as a prevention of diseases,particularly in baby fishes, use 5 ml. to 25 litres of water weekly.

  • 120 ml.
  • 200 ml.
  • 1 litre
  • 3.5 litres
  • 5 litres

This product was improved with the addition of several trace elements
and latest new aquarium pharmaceuticals in early 1994.